...the ORIGINAL adhesive flat wire

Installation - The Disappearing Act

___Our flat wire allows you to have the professional looking appearance without destroying your walls, floors & ceilings. Installation of wires & cables in the walls, under the flooring, & in the ceilings can be very expensive & require expert assistance. The unsightly bundles of wires on your floor, running along your walls & even hanging from your ceiling now disappear when using our flat wire models. Taperwire can be soldered to, crimped & terminated with standard connectors such as terminal blocks & RJ45 connectors. The new Taperwire HDMI models have pre-terminated connectors for easy plug-n-play wiring solutions. Most of our flat wire models require a pair of scissors, a razor blade & a screwdriver to install. Our adhesive backed, flat wire models allow you to adhere our products to almost any surface for a professional looking appearance while eliminating the bulky cables & wire bundles.

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Terminal Block

RJ45 and Video Coax

Right angle bend sample

Tile Installation

Wood Floor Installation

Carpet Installion

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